Digiminds believes that digital innovation can become the best way to expand access to quality education, helping to transform people´s lives and to increase the development of our country.

Our Cases


Generate prosperity disseminating high quality education to millions of people through digital platforms.


To build the best and most innovative brazilian digital education group, provinding services with great social impact.


  • Surprise positively external and internal customers on quality, results and treatment
  • Be innovate and creative, think different and realize fast
  • Be proactive and lead changes quickly
  • Be passionate about your work
  • Always keep your mind curious
  • Create open and transparent relationships
  • Do more with less
  • Have team spirit and keep your good mood



Digital Education

Basic Education

We provide the best content for high school distance learning, and facilitate the access of low- income to higher education.

Corporate Education

We provide companies and governments the most innovative forms of training and communication with employees and customers.
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